Your technology experts to help you get the most value from your intrusion systems, video surveillance systems and access control

Schools, Businesses, Organizations, and public institutions that are installing physical security systems to help protect their assets as well as their employees and customers are finding there are many complicated decisions to make that can affect the effectiveness of the surveillance systems and they are turning to experts for help.


Help designing physical security systems


If you need help planning or deciding on a new surveillance system, or you are not getting the results you had hoped for from your current physical security systems, Clear Connection’s technology consultants have the experience and expertise to help. They can help you find more value in your current system or navigate the intricacies of designing, purchasing, and implementing a new physical security system that offers you the right mix of reactive and proactive protection.


Using a physical security system that utilizes video cameras to record and deter undesirable behaviors is a reactive tool because video cameras are typically used to reconstruct a situation. For example, certain video surveillance designs can notify you by e-mail if there is activity during a time when a building is closed or it can flag you if there is a change in scenery in a particular room (theft). Based on the time stamp on the event, the system administrator can review the incident.


The quality and placement of cameras is important


A video surveillance design’s effectiveness in terms of security depends heavily on the quality and placement of the cameras. For example, the systems administrator may not be able to retrieve essential license plate information on a moving or parked vehicle if the cameras are not placed correctly and the resolution of the image is not strong enough to zoom in for detail.


Integrate surveillance system designs for best results


Access Control Systems (card key, key FOB), is a more proactive security \ surveillance system tool. Card access is designed to restrict and track access to buildings.


We can help you define requirements for your physical security system, create an effective access control system design, install and provide training. You will benefit from our knowledge and our experience helping other clients find the physical security system and video surveillance design that helps them attain a safe environment for their staff and protect their assets.