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Aeonix is a pure software based Unified Communications & Collaboration solution (UC&C) that consolidates disparate business applications into a single powerful platform. It is delivered on a fault tolerant and open architecture, with intuitive management tools. Aeonix can be deployed in a private cloud environment or as an on premise solution.

Your Benefits

Aeonix was designed to meet current and future challenges of distributed organizations:

  • Scalability– Aeonix has the ability to extend customer networks based on current demand and changing needs. The open-ended architecture allows customers flexibility to buy and install only what they currently need, and to add users, remote locations and additional applications as they become necessary. The standard system solution has the ability to provide service from 10 to 100,000 users
  • Simplicity– Aeonix includes unified management of all system services and applications. An intuitive GUI and a simple licensing mechanism make it easy to install, manage and maintain. Adding users, remote sites, or applications to one Aeonix server, is the same as adding them to every server in the network
  • Open Architecture– Aeonix supports standard protocols such as SIP (unmodified), CSTA, and Web Services. This non-proprietary architecture allows customers to seamlessly integrate a variety of common applications and to add desired devices to the system (Bring Your Own Device). Security protocols are implemented to ensure the system’s integrity and prevent unauthorized operations
  • Resiliency– A system can consist of one or many servers while each Aeonix server provides complete 100% application functionality. In a “clustered” (multi-server) environment, automated diagnostics and recovery mechanisms deliver the highest levels of fault tolerance and failover

The Aeonix delivers powerful, flexible, and adaptable communications to enterprises both large and small . Its simple unified management structure ensures that customers experience the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with minimal IT resources required.


Aeonix administration is a multi-leveled unified management system that provides a centralized web-based GUI for all system programming. Administrators can manage all entities within the system, including users, trunks, and gateways. In addition, they can configure system alerts, notifications, system performance monitoring, and historical reporting. Users have access to a personalized portal for the purpose of modifying their own settings, including endpoints, call routing, and mobility rules.

The Admin makes the complex task of setting up and maintaining a communications system simple and straightforward. The intuitive structure of the interface minimizes the time needed to get familiar with the application and therefore reduces training requirements considerably. Detailed context-sensitive online help is always available at the click of a button. In addition, incorrect parameter entries trigger clear, straight-to-the-point error messages. The intuitive approach allows for the fast yet comprehensive configuration of all system components and settings-users, gateways, terminal and hardware equipment, numbering plans, and so on. All database programming is accomplished in real-time, with changes in the database instantly and simultaneously distributed to all Aeonix servers in the system.


  • Unified, web-based administration for all system entities from any location
  • Simplifies complex telephony setup and maintenance tasks
  • Centralized real-time database programming for the entire system
  • End-user portal for personalizing phones, routing rules, setting presence, etc.
  • Intuitive GUI structure minimizes learning curve and training requirements
  • Detailed context-sensitive online help available at the click of a button

Aeonix Receives VMware Certification

Aeonix UC&C platform has been certified by VMware after an in-depth evaluation process. The certification with VMware enhances the benefits to Aeonix customers as it allows the Aeonix to be loaded on non-certified servers. In addition, it also allows multiple instances of the Aeonix to run on a hosted server.

The deployment with VMware is just one more example of Aeonix’s unique approach to TCO reduction.

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