Simple. Clear. Future-proof.

That’s what you get from Mitel®. And what they do for business communication.

  • They’ve taken complexity out of the conversation.
  • Broken down the barriers between “office” and “everywhere else.”
  • Linked voice and data in harmony.
  • Lowered communication costs.
  • Simplified the user experience.
  • Made deployment and maintenance sooo much easier.
  • Innovated with an eye toward the future – and the understanding that the need to communicate won’t ever change, but the ways we want to communicate most certainly will.


Whether you’re a small business with a few desktop phones or a global organization running a sophisticated contact center, the needs are the same: Business communication that’s simple…clear…future-proof. Say no more.



….you own a travel agency and you need to be accessible to clients who run into problems halfway across the planet.

…you’re a road warrior for a multinational sales firm who is this close to signing that big deal, and can’t miss that critical call.

…’re the IT guy who has to ensure the business has mission-critical communications functionality for voice, data, desktop, smartphone — and the boss‘ brand-new tablet. And you found out they’re cutting your budget.  And you know you need to move to the cloud…but you’re not quite ready yet. You have enough on your plate to solve today.

Worry not.

Mitel’s Freedom Architecture is designed with these challenges in mind. We make it easy to deploy all the communications applications your business needs, and create an “in office” experience anywhere, on any device.

  • Users can seamlessly move between desktop and mobile devices, even in mid-conversation, with all business applications available and intact. One phone number can reach them at any location – office, car, home, hotel, wherever. Messaging can be integrated, so there’s no checking multiple voice mail boxes. And so much more.
  • IT staffs: Our freedom architecture is platform-, network-, and device-agnostic – and can even be deployed in virtualized environments. Leverage what you have, and maintain the flexibility to change. Deploy in the way that best suits your business: centralized or distributed, public or private cloud — even move between deployment models as needed. We give you the tools – you make it fit your infrastructure.


What does it take to be free?

  • A single, cloud-ready software stream
  • Freedom from walled-garden architecture
  • An in-office experience, anywhere
  • Freedom of commercial offerings



A Platform for Success

Mitel® Communications Director (MCD) is designed to meet the needs of businesses from 5 to 65,000 users, whether they have a single site or multi-site networks that span the globe.

Built-in Core Applications

MCD has many embedded features that complement unified communications solutions:

Mobility – Dynamic Extension: MCD has an embedded Dynamic Extension solution that allows users to select up to eight different devices or numbers to act as their answer point. By grouping multiple devices together under the same user number, all of their phone numbers are effectively collapsed into one, so callers can reach users regardless of which number they call.

Mobility – Hot Desking: MCD Hot Desking lets employees log onto any designated phone, located at any of your offices, or even outside of the business offices. All calls are routed to the device they are logged into so callers can always reach them by dialing their office extension.

Mobility for BlackBerry® Mobile Voice SystemReaching employees on BlackBerry smartphones has never been easier – their calls are routed through the company PBX and out to the user’s mobile device. Customers, suppliers, and outside callers only need one number to reach mobile employees.

Unified MessagingEmployees have anywhere, anytime access to messages with an integrated, fully-featured voice mail system, Unified Messaging, and an automated attendant.

A Flexible, Easy-to-Manage and -Implement Platform

Deployment Flexibility: Distributed, centralized, and public cloud – you can choose your deployment strategy. In addition, virtual deployment allows you to take advantage of the business continuity services available through VMware®.

Web-Based Management: An administrator can administer a multi-platform MCD solution from their web browser as if it was a single platform solution. System changes are automatically synchronized across the solution, and management control and tasks can be delegated across the organization, rather than relying on a centralized point.

Standards-Based Architecture: MCD operates across any LAN / WAN infrastructure, coupled with embedded native support for standards-based networking such as SIP, Q.SIG, and DPNSS, offering businesses the ability to protect existing investments irrespective of legacy PBX, while delivering all the advantages of a converged infrastructure.